Gibbs, William

WilliamGibbs & Fuller

William Gibbs

Rank: Corporal

Regiment: ‘H’ Company, 5th Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment

Parents: Mr & Mrs Gibbs

Uncles: Peter Fuller, Philip Fuller, Gilbert Fuller & J Fuller

Address: 42 St Mary’s Terrace, Hastings

Other Info: At the Front. William died aged 25 on 17th May 1915. He is remembered at Bethune Town Cemetery, grave reference III.D.34.

Published: March 1915 & May 1915

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  1. Hello!
    I found this info regarding Private William Gibbs as a reference from the death records of my great uncle Thomas Frederic Farrier, who also died alongside William Gibbs and Sergeant Ernie Sweetman. I have heard that they were guarding a large amount of German prisoners in the Tobacco Factory at Bethune, when the building was heavily shelled by the Germans. Ironically, no Germans were killed, though private Farrier and sergeant Sweetman died instantly. Private Gibbs survived for a few hours but died later that night.

    1. Hi Mike. They must have thought they were relatively safe doing that duty, but I guess you were never really safe on the front line. I wonder if they knew each other before they signed up. Thanks for the information. Regards, Kieron

      1. Hello Kieron,
        I just thought I’d check this website again and there was your comment!
        I think you’re right; the fighting certainly wasn’t very far away! In fact, whenever I’ve been to the trenches area in Bethune, all the fighting was never that far away from the town and its occupants.
        Yes, an interesting thought as to whether they new each other in civvy life, though I have noted that their army numbers are a fair way apart, so one assumes they didn’t join up together. Food for thought thought though!

        Hope that’s of interest.

        Best regards from my mobile phone,


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