Manser, Frederick Spencer John

Frederick Spencer John ManserJack ManserJ ManserFrederick Spencer John (Jack*) Manser

Rank: Leading Seaman

Ship: HMS Minotaur & HMS Hampshire

Parents: Mr William Spencer & Mrs Alma Manser

Address: 70 Sedlescombe Road North, St Leonards

Other Info: The text of ‘Three Jolly Sailors’ reads: “Photograph of three local sailors taken in China whilst serving on HMS Minotaur. They travelled 38,750 miles since the commencement of War up to January 1915, when they were sent to different ships.

He went through the Jutland Battle without a scratch and his father received a letter from him on the Sunday before the Hampshire went down, saying he was quite well and hoped to be home shortly to tell them about the great battle. But he lost his life with Lord Kitchener on the Hampshire. He was awarded a medal of merit on April the 4th 1916 on leaving the Warspite training ship.

According to CWGC, Frederick died aged 21 when HMS Hampshire was sunk by a mine on 5th June 1916. Field Marshall Lord Kitchener and his staff on board and among 737 lost. Frederick is remembered at the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, on panel 12.

*I have assumed that ‘Jack’ is how Frederick preferred to be known as there are three references to him being on only son. If Jack and Frederick are two different individuals, please let me know!

Published: November 1914, April 1916 & June 1916

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