Cruttenden, Frederick

Frederick C CruttendenFrederick Cruttenden

Frederick Cruttenden

Rank: Private

Regiment: 2nd Battalion, Royal Sussex Regiment

Wife: Florence Jessie Cruttenden (nee Lennard)

Brother-in-Law: Alfred Lennard & Ernest H Lennard

Address: 25 Salisbury Road, Bohemia, St Leonards

Other Info: Married at Chris Church, Ore in October 1914.

The text reads: Dear Sir, I am writing you a few lines for which I believe you will allow me space in your paper as a native of Hastings an belong to the good old ‘Iron Regiment’ or the 2nd Sussex. I have just got home after twelve months’ experience of actual fighting each time the Regiment fought; and I can tell you I am just calling myself one of the lucky boys. I have had some very near shaves, and have seen a number of Sussex boys fall.The worst I can remember was during the last winter, but I am more than pleased to get a glimpse of our ‘Pictorial Advertiser’.

We very often see a mate fall, but cannot feel certain he is dead until the ‘Pictorial’ or ‘Observer’ helps one to find out by seeing a photo of the one you might be looking for.I call your Roll of Honour a great help to those at home and to the troops in the trenches. You may help to show the Sussex Boy’s appreciation of the cigarettes they have received from somewhere in Hastings by expressing it in your Pictorial. for they cannot always write and thank their friends at home. It is always the cry: “Oh , we will do all that when we get home!”

It was when we were making the advance to Loos that I received my wound, but, lucky enough, I was sent sent even though the wound wasn’t bad. I went to hospital in Norwich, then to a Convalescent Home at Bilney, Norfolk where a very great kindness was shown to all. I enclose a photograph which was taken in the garden, being a gentleman’s house given up for Red Cross purposes. Now I am home, as happy as a sandboy, and thankful to be here once more with my wife and people. I also enclose a photo of myself. Yours truly, Private F Cruttenden, Machine Gunner, 2nd Royal Sussex Regiment.

Published: October 1914 & November 1915

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