Selmes, J

J Selmes

J Selmes

Rank: Sapper

Regiment: Royal Engineers

Wife: Mrs Selmes

Brother-in-Law: Charles Lewis Goodsell

Address: River Hall, Mountfield, Robertsbridge

Other Info: ‘A Narrow Escape’ reads: “… had a very narrow escape while on his way to Gallipoli. He was on HMS Hythe, which was in collision with another ship in the Aegean Sea on 28th October 1915. He was in the water some time (his brother-in-law C Goodsell lost his life), but was rescued. After a rest he resumed his journey, and he stayed in Gallipoli until the evacuation of the Dardanelles. From there he went to Egypt, and now lies in hospital suffering with fever. He has 14 nephews serving his country (one having been killed and two wounded), one brother–in-law drowned, one brother and a brother-in-law with one of the Derby groups.

Published: March 1916

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