Ore War Memorial

Ore War Memorial

Ore is now a suburb of Hastings, but originally developed as a village separate from the town.  Ore War Memorial is in the grounds of Christ Church, a grade II listed building on Old London Road. At three meters high and facing the road it is impossible to miss as you travel through Ore.

Dedicated on 21st February 1921 the inscription reads; “In grateful remembrance of the men of this parish who died for us in the Great War 1914-1918. Their names liveth for evermore”.

Ore War Memorial displays the names of 142 men who died during WW1. These names are listed as shown on the memorial in alphabetical order below. Where there is a record of the individual on this website I have provided a link.

You can search the list below by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ together and typing the surname of the person you are looking for in the box that appears in the browser window.

C Bexhell
G Bexhell
H Bilsby
F Bissenden
H Blackman
H W Blackman
T Blackman
E J Booth
H Brazill
W Bridgeland
H Brown
R J Brunton
A H Burt
M F Burt
E Butler
S G Carnaghan
J H Catt
H Chantler
R Cleverley
T Cleverley
E R Cobby
L A Collins
N Cook
W H Cork
P Coussens
G A Cox
W E Cox
A H Cramp
G E Cramp
C Cruttenden
A R T Dennett
W Eason
J Foord
R Foord
S Foord
A Foster
H Foster
C A Gander
E Gander
H Gasson
J Gasson
T Gasson
A Glazier
A E Glazier
C F Glazier
H S Glazier
R Glazier
R Gutteridge
T Harlott
A Harman
A E Harman
F L Harman
W H Harman
P J Harrod
J S Hatter
F H Henwood
S I Heselden
N Hindell
W Howe
M F Huggett
J Jarman
F Johnson
J H Lamb
A B Lavender
H Lavender
C S Law
E L Lindridge
W Luck
A (MCS) W Mann
A W Mann
T H Mann
E Manser
J E Manser
C L Marchant
J Marchant
H F Mepham
M Mepham
B W Merricks
G H Merricks
F Message
J Message
A Mitchell
B W Mitchell
R Moon
J W H Morgan
A F Noakes
F L Osgathorpe
T T Osgathorpe
W F Palmer
E Pattenden
J Peters
H Playford
H L Ray
C J Read
T J Reed
J H Sadler
A Sales
T J Sales
A Sands
G H Sands
W T Sands
H Selmes
T J Selwood
J Sexton
E J Skinner
A H Slow
J A Slow
A H Smale
C Smith
J T Smith
W Southerden
S W Starr
T Story
R Tedham
R W Thomas
J Thompson
R J Tollett
M Tunnell
A S Turner
J E Upton
E Walsgrove
W H Wenham
W White
W A White
T Williams
G Winborn
P E Winborn
G Wisbey
C Wright