Hastings War Memorial

Hastings War Memorial

Hastings War Memorial, in Alexander Park, was commissioned by the Mayor of Hastings upon the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on 28th June 1919. The Mayor, Mr A Blackman, announced “The Peace was signed today. On this day of rejoicing let us show our gratitude to the men who won this peace through Victory, made the freedom of the world secure and prevented the confiscation of possessions.” The memorial was designed by Margaret Winser, a Kent based sculptress who studied under Rodin.

Hastings War Memorial lists the names of 1,253 service personnel from Hastings and St Leonards who died during the First World War. I made the list below as I could not find one through a Google search. The names of those remembered on memorials in towns around Hastings and St Leonards have been compiled by the Bexhill Observer and can be searched here.

There are fifteen panels that surround the base of the memorial. The list below presents the names in the order they are shown on those panels. There are some differences I’ve noticed between the spelling of names shown on this website and those on the memorial, however I have left the names as spelt on the memorial for this list. I have written the soldier’s rank out in full rather than the abbreviation present on the panels. Where I have not been able to interpret the rank acronym, I have left it as shown.

Over time, I will add links to the names on the list below where they are recorded on this website.

You can search the list below by pressing ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ together and typing the surname of the person you are looking for in the box that appears in the browser window.

R H Abraham | Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant
A T Abrey | Private
J R Adams | Private
C W Adams | Private
F Adams | Private
C R Adams | Able Seaman
J G Ades | Private
F E Ades | Private
H Adlington | Sergeant
W H Akehurst | Private
F G Alexander | Rifleman
G Allen | Corporal
R Allen | Private
G E Almond | Private
W Amos | Private
J A E Amos | Rifleman
F Ansett | Private
F R Armitage | Captain
A R Armitage | Captain
D Armitage | Lieutenant
W C Arscott | Private
V C Arscott | Private
W Ashdown | Private
H N Atter | Private
S J Atkins | Pioneer
F N Atkins | Sergeant
A E Austin | Sergeant
E J Austin | Private
E Avery | Rifleman
C E Ayling | Private
A G Bailey | Private
F Bailey | Private
S Bailey | Private
A F Bailey | Lance Corporal
S U Bailey | Lieutenant
W H W Baker | Private
W J Baker | Private
C Baker | Lance Corporal
G Baker | Private
G Baker | Private
A Baker | Able Seaman
E J W Balcombe | Private
G W Balcombe | Private
T Balkham | Private
A B Balkham | Private
C E Ball | Sergeant
C J Ballard | Private
J F Ballard | Private
J Ballentine | Private
F Barnes | Private
N J Bannantyne | Captain
W Banister | Private
F W Banister | Sergeant
C Barfoot | Gunner
W E B Barham | Private
A Barker | Private
G E Barlow | Private
J E Barnes | Private
H R Barnes | Private
A Barnes | Gunner
W Barrow | Private
L A Barrow | Lieutenant
F Bartlett | Corporal
R C Bartlett | Seaman
T H Barton | Private
E P Barton | Gunner
T E Barton | Trooper
T Bartons | Gunner
B C Bashford | Gunner
H S Batehup | Lance Corporal
A R Bates | Private
P J Bateman | Private
S A Batt | Lance Corporal
N J Batt | Private
R A Bazeley | Lieutenant
A Beale | Private
W R Beale | Private
A E Beaney | Seaman
C A Beaney | Petty Officer
C Beaumont | Pioneer
W F Bedding | Private
J Beeching | Able Seaman
B Beeney | Private
J Beeney | Private
W A Belsey | Corporal DCM
J Belsey | Sergeant
A Beney | Corporal
E Beney | Private
W Benge | Private
J W Benge | Able Seaman
F A B Benham | Private
W Bennett | Lance Corporal
L S Bennett | Able Seaman
H Benton | Able Seaman
A Benton | Private
E D Benton | Private
A Beresford | Gunner
W M Betts | Gunner
P G Betts | Able Seaman
E A Bevis | Cl Boy (1st Class Boy)
A R Bevis | Lance Corporal
F G Bevis | Private
S Biggs | Private
H Bilsby | Gunner
A E Bilsby | Private
G R Bishop | Private
F E Bishop | Corporal
L R Bishop | Sergeant
A E Bishop | Lance Corporal
W H Bishop | Driver
J Bishop | Able Seaman
T Bishop | Rifleman
H Bishop | Rifleman
C E Bissenden | Private
F J Bissenden | Sergeant
M Black | Private
W H Blackman | Trooper
H Blackman | Sapper
T Blackman | Sapper
H C Blattman | Private
E H Bliss | Private
T E Blissett | Gunner
W Blissett | Private
H S Board | Rifleman
C Board | Rifleman
H C J Bodle | Private
E U Body | Major M C
J W P Boismaison | Lance Corporal
E Booth | Private
F Booth | Private
G Bosting | Guardsman
C S Bothwell | Sapper
H Bounds | Rifleman
H E Bourne | Private
C J Bowles | Able Seaman
F Bowles | Sergeant
G T Braban | Private
J A Bradley | Private
E A Bradley | Lance Corporal
J Bradshaw | Private
A A Brand | Sergeant
B N Brand | Private
S C Brand | Rifleman
T A Brant | Driver
W Brasier | Private
H J Brasier | Sergeant MM
G Brasier | Able Seaman
L Brasier | Petty Officer
W Bray | Able Seaman
F O Brazier | Private
H Brazil | Private
H G Breach | Private
E Breeds | Able Seaman
T Brett | Private
L G H Brett | Gunner
W C Brett | Sergeant
B P Brickett | Able Seaman
A R Brickett | Able Seaman
W T Bridgeland | Lance Corporal
A J Bridgeland | Lance Corporal
J G Bridgeland | Guardsman
H E Bridgeland | Sergeant
J Bridgeland | Corporal
R W Brigden | Private
W J Briggs | Pioneer
E Brighale | Rifleman
E Brignall | Rifleman
P Bristow | Private
E G Britt | Private
W Brown | Guardsman
C Brown | Private
P Brown | Private
E J Brown | Lance Corporal M M
A E Brown | Private
J B Brown | Rifleman
J Brown | Private
H H W Brown | Private
T Brown | Private
G S Brunger | Private
G E Brunton | Trooper
R J Brunton | Rifleman
C J Bryant | Sapper
H Bryant | Private
W H Bryant | Trooper
C Buckwell | Private
H R Budden | Lieutenant
A C Budden | 4 Off
A S Bulgin | Private
W A Bulgin | Sergeant
A E Bullock | Captain
C H Bumstead | Private
S J Bumstead | Private
J W Bumstead | Private
G W Bumstead | Private
R Bumstead | Lance Corporal
F H Bumstead | Driver
F Bumstead | Private
A W Burge | R Q M S
R H Burge | Private
V C Burge | Private
R T Burgess | Lance Corporal
R Burgess | Private
F Burgess | Sergeant
A H Burgess | Private
G A Burson | Able Seaman
M F Burt | Private
A H Burt | Private
F G Burt | Lance Corporal
R Burt | Private
H J Burton | Corporal
N J Burton | Corporal
A W Burton | Private
J A Burton | Clstr
W Butler | Sergeant DCM
A Butler | Private
A Callander | Lance Corporal
W R L Calrow | Lieutenant
W Campany | Private
W R F Canning | Sergeant
E Cannon | CAD
F A Carlisle | Lieutenant
S G Carnaghan | Corporal
O Carrick | Private
J E Carter | Sergeant
F J Castle | Private
C Castle | Private
N Catt | Private
J H Catt | Sergeant DCM
H Chapman | Private
H Chapman | Private
F E Chapman | Rifleman
T E Chapman | Lance Corporal
V S Chapman | Private
R Chester Master | Corporal
R Chivers | Sergeant
F B Christmas | Corporal
C E Clark | Sergeant MM
F Clark | Private
J Clark | Private
L F Clark | Private
E J Clark | Pioneer
G Clark | Private
H A Clifton | Private
G Cloake | Private
S C Cloke | Corporal
E R Cobby | Lance Corporal
G H Cockett | Lance Corporal
C J Colbran | Petty Officer DCM
T G Colbran | Private
G F Cole | Lieutenant
S C Coleman | Sergeant
J Coleman | Private
G Coleman | Private
G F Coleman | Private
C W Collard | Lance Corporal
S A Collier | Lance Corporal
S T Collins | Lieutenant
J C Collins | Sergeant
L A Collins | Private
G W Collins | Private
B Collins | Corporal
W W Collins | Private
C F Collins | Private
L Colvin | Private
T H Coomber | Rifleman
W Coombes | Private
E Cook | Trooper
N Cook | Sapper
S Cooke | Private
M Copland | Private
W H Cork | Rifleman
J Cornwall | Private
F Cornwall | Corporal
H F Cornwall | Staff Sergeant
G T Corps | Sergeant
H W Corps | Private
W Couchman | Sergeant DCM
W W Couldery | Private
E Court | Private
P V Coussens | Private
A J Covell | Private
L C Coventry | Captain
H C Cowley | Private
J L Cowlin | Bandsman
G L Cox | Private
G H Cox | Corporal
G E Cox | Private
W A Cox | Private
G E Cramp | Sergeant
A H Cramp | Private
A O Creagh | Captain
H Creed | Sapper
F A Creed | Private
H Creed | Private
H Croft | Private
H Crossingham | Private
W C Crouch | Private
G H Crowhurst | Rifleman
J W Crouch | Able Seaman
H J Cruttenden | Sergeant
W H Cruttenden | Private
E Curtis | Driver
A C Cushen | Lieutenant
A E Dale | Private
H J Dale | Private
W Daniel | Corporal
F Dann | Sergeant
J Dash | Sergeant
H Dash | Private
E Dash | Corporal
B Daunt | Lieutenant
F A Davey | Private
J Davis | Private
E A Davis | Lance Corporal
C G Davis | Private
J T Dawson | Driver
N E Dawson | Rifleman
G E Dawson-Bishop | Corporal
J Deacon | Private
J Deadman | Private
W A Deeprose | Private
J Deeprose | Private
H Deeprose | Lance Corporal
E Deeprose | Private
A Deeprose | Sapper
J F De Gruchy | Private
A Delves | 1st Class Petty Officer
J E Dengate | Private
F M Dennett | Lieutenant
A R Dennett | Sapper
F R L De Salis | Lieutenant
B Diggins | Private
G H Diton | Corporal
A W Diton | Able Seaman
A H Diton | Able Seaman
W A Douch | Private
D Down | Sergeant
W J V Down | Rifleman
A Dray | Sergeant
M Drew | Lieutenant
E Drury | Sergeant MM
J E Drury | Private
J Dudworth | Corporal
P J Dudeney | Private
H Duke | Private
J Duke | Captain MC
F S Duke | Lance Corporal
G C Duke | Private
P W Duly | Private
J I Dunbar | Lance Sergeant
A L S Dunk | Lance Corporal
H R Dunn | Rifleman
E A Dyer | Lieutenant
G C Easton | Lieutenant
F Eastwood | Able Seaman
F C Eastwood | Able Seaman
W Eastwood | Private
W Edmunds | Lance Corporal
A S Edwards | Private
H Edwards | Private
J Edwards | Private
J H Egglerton | Private
A G Eldridge | Private
S G Eldridge | Farrier
S F Eldridge | Private
W H Eldridge | Driver
A F Eldridge | Private
W G Eldridge | Sergeant DCM
R E Eldridge | Gunner
A Ellis | Private
T Ellis | Private
T Ellis | Stoker
S J Elphick | Private
J Elphick | Private
J H Ely | Private
A E Emmerick | Private
C G Epps | Rifleman
A Etheridge | Lance Corporal
J A F Eustes | Private
E G Evans | Private
H Evans | Private
R E Evans | Private
L T Excell | Sergeant
S F Fairman | Private
L O Fairman | Bombardier
F G Fairman | Lance Corporal
H G Faraker | Private
A G Farmer | Private
J R Farmer | Private
T F Farmer | Private
A E Farrier | Private
T Farrier | Private
W J Farrier | Trimmer
F Farroll | Sergeant
J T Feist | Lance Corporal
H G Feist | Private
G J Fellows | Lance Corporal
F J Fellows | Pioneer
P J Fellows | Private
W Felton-Smith | Chief Petty Officer
I W Field | Private
P F Field | Private
W H Finch | Corporal
P H Fisher | Lieutenant
R O W Fitnum | Rifleman
C R Fitsell | Private
F G C Flecknoe | Lance Corporal
S J Foord | Sergeant
R Foord | Private
R Foord | Private
E G Foskett | Private
C Foster | 1st Air Mechanic
W A Foster | Signaller
J J Foster | Sapper
F Foster | 1st Class Petty Officer
P G Foster | Lieutenant
A Foster | Private
B Foster | Signaller
A Frands | Private
E G Francis | Private
F W Franks | Or
F W Freear | Private
R I Freed | Sapper
H Freeland | Private
H G French | Boy Telegraphist
H F Frend | Lieutenant
E Friend | Trooper
E Frost | Private
E Fuller | Private
I W Fuller | Private
H A Fuller | Lieutenant
W C Funnell | Private
A J Gaines | Private
F Gale | Private
J H Gale | Lance Corporal
A V Gallop | Leading Seaman
F C Gallop | Private
C H A Galloway | Corporal
C E Gander | Private
J Gander | Private
J G B Gardner | Rifleman
W W Garner | Private
J H Garnier | Captain
H Gasson | Able Seaman
A George | Private
S George | Able Seaman
W Gibbs | Private
I B Gibson | Lance Corporal
W C Gilbert | Private
A Gilliat-Smith | Lieutenant
W Gladwish | Lance Corporal
D Gladwish | Private
A G Glazier | Trooper
C F Glazier | Gunner
R Glazier | Private
A E Glazier | Private
G J Glazier | Lance Corporal
D W Glenister | Sergeant
V R Glenister | Rifleman
W M Glenister | Corporal
W G Glyde | Gunner
A W Godden | Sergeant
T H Godden | Private
F W Godden | Private
C T Godward | Trooper
A Goldsack | Able Seaman
W Goodman | Private
A G Goodman | Private
T F Goodsell | Private
W A Goodsell | Private
E F N Gossett-Browne | Corporal
H G Gower | Able Seaman
F Gower | Gunner
C F Gower | Private
E A Gower | Sergeant
R J Grabham | Private
F C Granger | Lieutenant MC
G J Gray | Private
G M Gray | Lieutenant
G G Gray | Lieutenant
F S Greatwood | Flight Lieutenant
C H Grensted | Lance Corporal
G W Griffen | Able Seaman
J Griffen | AS
W T Griffiths | Private
J W Griffiths | Private
F Griffiths | Private
V A Groombridge | 1st Class Petty Officer
J W Grout |
A H Gutsell | Lance Corporal
G N D Gwyne-Griffiths | Captain
J Hall | Private
C T Hambly | Private
E Hameau | Private
S Hammond | Private
E V Harborough | Lance Corporal
F T Harbour | Private
E J Harding | Sergeant Major
J Harding | Sergeant Major
J Harlott | Private
A Harman | Private
E Harman | Private
A E Harman | Private
W H Harman | Private
W Harman | Private
G Harman | Private
S H Harmer | Private
J C Harmer | Private
H J F Harmer | Rifleman
E Harris | Private
B P Harris | Lance Corporal
F R Harris | Private
A D Harris | Cooks Mate
A Harris | Private
E J Harris | Lance Corporal
J A C Harris | Private
P J Harrod | Private
F Harvey | Private
H W Harvey | Corporal
G Harwood | Lieutenant
W J Haskell | Trooper
W Haste | Air Mechanic
J R Haste | Seaman
F Hatton | Lance Corporal
R Hawker | Rifleman
W N Hayter | Private
F Hazelden | Private
J G B Hazelhurst | Private
A C Head | Private
E Heasmer | Private
F H Hebb | Private
F H Henwood | Signaller
G Hepworth | Captain
C R Herriett | Trooper
S J Heselden | Sapper
G Hesmer | Corporal
W Hewlett | Rifleman
J G Hickman | Lieutenant
F J Hilder | Private
F J Hill | Sergeant
H N Hindell | Private
A E Hipgrave | Able Seaman
A G Hipgrave | Private
W Hoad | Private
W L Hoadley | Lance Corporal
H H Hobbs | Private
D Hodson | Able Seaman
A A Hogan | Lieutenant
L Hogben | Corporal
H J Hoile | Petty Officer
J Holewell | Able Seaman
D J Holley | Air Mechanic
J Hollister | Private
E H Holmes | Private
E H Hook | Private
G W Hook | Sapper
T Hope | Private
A R Hopgood | Private
W Hopper | Private
S Hopper | SN
S Hopper | JN
S J Horton | Rifleman
A R Hoult | Private
T Howard | Trooper
R P Howard | Private
J Howard | Private
W Howe | Trooper
F W Howell | Private
W Howell | Private
E J Howell | Private
W Howell | Bombardier
G H Howell | Private
F Hudd | Corporal
P J Huggett | Private
J E Huggett | Private
E Huggett | Signaller
H Huggett | Lance Corporal
A W Hughes | Private
R Hughes | Private
B P Hughes | Lieutenant
G H Hunnisett | Private
C H Hunnisett | Private
F Hunt | Sergeant
H T Hunt | Sergeant
W J Hunt | Rifleman
A Hurrell | Driver
W Husson | Private
G Hutchings | Lieutenant
A Hutchings | Leading Seaman
S Hutchings | Quarter Master Sergeant
S Hutchinson | Lance Corporal
M Hutchinson | Corporal
T H Hutchinson | Private
M R Hutchinson | Petty Officer
A Hyland | Private
D Hyland | Private
J C Iles | Corporal
R G W Ingham | Bombardier
J Ingram | Private
E J Innocent | Lieutenant
L Inskipp | Private
D Inskipp | Lieutenant
E Isden | Private
T V Isden | Gunner
A E Jacobs | Private
W M James | Gunner
J Jamieson | Private
A W Jardine | Driver
J Jarman | Rifleman
W L Jarvis | Private MC
F Jeffery | Private
W H Jempson | Gunner
C S Jempson | Private
B Jempson | Private
A Jenkins | Private
T Jenner | Private
E Jenner | Lance Corporal
G R Jenner | Lieutenant
A Jinks | Signaller
A N Jinks | Gunner
C Jinks | Private
F Johnson | Private
J H Johnson | Private
M A Jones | Driver
S Jones | Private
A Jones | Private
H Jones | Lieutenant
W G Jordan | Sergeant
J Judge | Private
W L Judge | Private
J W Kember | Private
G E S Kemp | Lance Corporal
C Kemp | Private
F M Kedge | Leading Seaman
W F Kennard | Private
G Kennard | Able Seaman
F Kennett | Private
W E Kent | Private
P Kent | Corporal
H Kent | Private
E F T Kent | Corporal
G F S Kent | Private
J Kent | Lance Corporal
F Kent | Private
W Kenward | Private
R T Kenward | Private
C Kenward | Private
A C Kenward | Corporal
W F Kenward | Sapper
C W Kenyon | Lieutenant
H Kiddie | Trooper
T Killick | Private
P G King | Leading Seaman
F W King | Lance Corporal
P G King | Gunner
R J King | Private
G A Kingdom | Gunner
J Kinnis | Sergeant MM & BAR
E T Kirby | 1st Class Writer
E E Knight | Private
P Knight | Sergeant
A R Lainey | Bombardier
E Lamb | Gunner
J W Lancaster | Private
J Lancaster | Private
W L Land | Lance Corporal
E H L Land | Driver
C F L Land | Trooper
C Langdon | Chaplain
C R Langham | Captain
P Larkin | Sergeant Major
P Larkin | Private
G G R Laughton | Lance Corporal
D J Lavender | Private
W J Lavender | Private
H R Lavender | Lieutenant
A Lavender | Private
A B Lavender | Private
A W Lavers | Company Quartermaster Sergeant
C S Law | Able Seaman
H Law | Sergeant
E F Lawrence | Sergeant
A W Lennard | Private
S J Lepper | Private
B Lethbridge | Lieutenant
J Levett | Seaman
G Lewis | Private
W Lewis | Corporal
G W Liddiard | Private
E Light | Lieutenant
E Lindridge | Private
R V Ling | Private
F W Lister | Major MC
J W Livermore | Private
A Lloyds | Private
L J Lock | Sergeant
W G Locke | Corporal MM
A A Locke | Sapper
T E D Loosemore | Private
F G B Lucas | Captain MC
H E Luck | Private
L G Luck | Private
W Luck | Sergeant Major
A Luck | Able Seaman
J T Lusted | Private
J E Lusted | Driver
P A Lynch | Private
F Mackellow | Gunner
W R Mackinder | Private
A D MacLeod | Trooper
C A Mainwaring | Private
G A Manktelow | Corporal
E Mann | Able Seaman
A Mann | Or
A J Mann | Private
T H Mann | Signaller
L G Mann | 2nd Air Mechanic
G Mannering | Signaller
F S J Manser | Leading Seaman
E Manser | Private
J E Manser | Private
A Marchant | Private
H C Marchant | Private
D T Marchant | Private
A H Marchant | Private
R J Marchant | Private
W J Marchant | Private
H D Marriott | Private
B S Martell | Sergeant
A Martin | Private
S W Martin | Sapper
E Martin | Driver
G J Martin | Lieutenant
E G Martin | Private
D Martin | Private
L Martin | Sergeant
D A E Martin | Gunner
H W Martin | Able Seaman
W R Marshall | Private
W H Masters | Private
H Matthews | Private
E Matthews | Private
A Matthews | Trooper
S T May | Sapper
G May | Private
F E Maylam | Private
C R McCormick | Trooper
J R McCormick | Able Seaman
H R McCormick | Private
L Medhurst | Lieutenant
E L Mepham | Private
M Mepham | Private
G C Mepham | Signaller
J H Mercer | Private
S G Mercer | Gunner
B W Merricks | Private
G Merricks | Private
J Message | Gunner
F Message | Corporal
A G Metcalf | Private
S Milham | Private
P H Miller | Signaller
A Millest | Lance Corporal
S E Millest | Private
P A Mills | Private
J W Minnitt | Private
D S Mitchell | Private
E Mitchell | Private
A G Mitchell | WT
B Mitchell | Lance Corporal
A Mitchell | Rifleman
W H Mitchell | Gunner
H J Mitchell | Private
H G Montgomerie | Private
R H Moon | Private
R G Moon | Private
R H Mooney | Lieutenant
R Moore | Lieutenant
A G Moore | Sergeant
P A T Moore | Private
R E Moore | Private
C Moore | Able Seaman
A E Morfer | Private
H J Morfer | Private
W G Morfer | Corporal
W J Morgan | Sapper
J W H Morgan | Private
A Morley | Sergeant
G Morley | Sergeant
H J Morphey | Lieutenant
H J Morris | Private
J Morris | Sapper
G C Morris | Driver
F W Mould | Private
H Muggridge | Rifleman
G A R Munday | Private
A J Murdock | Signaller MM
G R Murray | Lieutenant
R Muscat | Private
E Muscat | Corporal
G S Nagle | Gunner
J W W Nason | Captain
E J Newman | Lieutenant
R Newton | Private
R B Newton-Moss | Lieutenant
A C Niederauer | Private
F J V Niederauer | Bandsman
R Noakes | Private
A Noakes | Private
A F Noakes | Sergeant
J Noble | Private
I J Noylan | Private
R H Nugent | Lieutenant
G Nuttman | Private
G F Oakley | Company Sergeant Major
C T O’Donaghue | Driver
A Osborne | Lance Corporal
S D Osborne | Lance Corporal
F L Osgathorpe | Private
T J Osgathorpe | Private
T W Oxley | Sergeant
R S Oxley | Lieutenant MM LBM
H Padgham | Able Seaman
A J Page | Corporal
G Pagnoni | Private
R Pain | Private
H E Pain | Private
R Pain | Private
H Pain | Private
B J Paine | Private
C Palmer | Private
W F G Palmer | Lance Corporal
H Parker | Trooper
E Parks | Able Seaman
W A Parks | Sergeant
W F Parris | Private
J Parris | Private
W R Parsons | Able Seaman
N J S Patch | Sergeant
H Patch | Captain
E Pattenden | Private
C E Payton | Rifleman
J W Peacham | Private
A E Pearson | Private
H Peirce | Lance Corporal
A C Pelling | Private
A W Pelling | Private
A Penfold | Private
F P Pennington | Rifleman
T W Percival | Private
H S Perigoe | Private
H Perigoe | Private
W H Perry | Private
J Peters | Driver
J A Peto | Lieutenant
W J Philcox | Sergeant
H M Philcox | Private
T W Philcox | Corporal
S J Philcox | Private
S Phillips | Private
W G Phillips | Private
C Phillips | Sapper
H Phillips | Private
J Phillips | Private
W J Philpott | Private
H C Philpott | Private
E Picknell | Private
F Picknell | Corporal
C Pierson | Lieutenant
J F Pierson | Private
J G Pilbeam | Sapper
C Pilcher | Lance Corporal
A Pitcher | Gunner
H Playford | Private
W A Plumbridge | 1st Class Boy
A Pocock | Private
E D Pollard | Lance Corporal
E B Poole | Private
A Poole | Private
J E Pope | Private
A Pope | Private
C A W Pope | Captain
J S Powell | Captain
P J Pratt | Private
W J Pratt | Able Seaman
G Preedy | Sergeant
J Pringle | Private
O J Prior | Private
R Pritchard | Lieutenant
H Purkiss | Private
E R Puttick | Private
G W Puttick | Privatest
G A Puttick | Private
O Quaife | Sergeant
E Quaife | Corporal
J H Quaife | Rifleman
G H Quaife | Lance Corporal
A Quaife | Private
T A Quaife | Private
A Quinnell | Private
A F Rackliff | Gunner
F T Ramsey | Private
A C Randall | Private
A J Randle | Private
S C Ratcliff | Bombardier
W G Raven | Sapper
W Raw | Cadet
A E Rawlings | Sapper
N J S Ray | Private
H J L Ray | Private
J Read | Gunner
A E Read | Private
B C H Read | Private
A Read | Gunner
T J Reed | Private
A E Reeve | Private
G N B Reeve | Lieutenant
E T Reeves | Gunner
G C Reeves | Sergeant
T Reeves | Private
T L I Reid | Lieutenant
T H Relfe | Rifleman
A C Rensch | Private
C Rich | Private
W A Richards | Private
A J Richardson | Sapper
S J Richardson | Lance Corporal
L R Richardson | Rifleman
C E M Richer | Lieutenant
F G Richford | Private
A E Richford | Corporal
H Riddle | Private
N Riddle | Private
W A Riddle | Gunner
F Riddle | Private
H Riggalsford | Private
R J Riley | Private
H L Riley | Private
J Ripley | Private
W Ripley | Private
C A Robertson | Pioneer
H T Roberts | Sapper
O H Robertson | Rifleman
J W Robins | Private
A H Rolleston | 1st Air Mechanic
J Roper | Lance Corporal
F C Ross | Able Seaman
P T Ross | Sergeant DCM
W E Royall | Chief Carpenters Mate
C Rummery | Sergeant
A Rusconi | Lieutenant
A E Russell | Private
F W Russell | Private
J Russell | Private
C E Russell | Private
A A Ryecroft | Rifleman
R C Ryecroft | Sergeant
C G Ryde | Private
A Sales | Private
T W Sales | Private
A Salter | Private
H Samson | Petty Officer
A Samways | Saddler
G H Sands | Private
E J G T Sands | Able Seaman
W T Sands | Private
L H Sanger-Davies | Captain
F A Sargant | Sergeant
W Sargent | Gunner
W J Saunders | Corporal
C Saxby | Private
W Saxby | Private
O Scherf | Private
P H Schooling | Lieutenant
S P Schwabe | Lieutenant
T E Scotcher | Driver
G Scotcher | Lance Corporal
R D Scott | Private
E J Scott | Sergeant
A Scott | Corporal
B H Scrivener | Private
H A Selden | Private
S A Sellman | Sapper
G Sellman | Private
T Selwood | Private
A B Sevestre | Gunner
E Seymour | Rifleman
A C Shanks | Private
A E Sharp | Gunner
F Sharp | Col
W R Shaw | Private
C F Shaw | Lieutenant
C W Shaw | Private
G Shaw | Lance Corporal
G Shelley | Private
H W Shipp | Private
E B Shoesmith | Private
V E Sieveking | Captain DSC & BAR
V E Simes | Corporal
T Simmons | Private
H Simmons | Able Seaman
H Simpson | Able Seaman
R Sims | Gunner MM
L T Skilton | Corporal MM
F W F Skinner | Lieutenant
E Skinner | Private
M Smale | Private
A H Slow | Private
J A Slow | Gunner
J D Small | Private
C Smith | Lance Corporal
F Smith | Lance Corporal
W J Smith | Private
A E Smith | Private
W G Smith | Rifleman
E F Smith | Private
W H Smith | Private
J Smith | Sergeant
G W Smith | Sapper
G E Smith | Private
A S Smith | Private
A H Smith | Corporal
G Smith | Lance Corporal
J T Smith | Driver
W J Southerden | Private
J W Spanton | Lieutenant
J W Spice | Private
S F Spice | Private
W Spray | 1st Class Stoker
W Spray | Private
W A Stace | Private
J Standen | Private
F J Standen | Sergeant
J P Standen | Private
S H Standen | Private
F Stanley | Private MM
E H P Stanley | Sapper
V G Stapleton | Private
P E Stapley | Private
W M Starr | Private
S J Steers | Sergeant
A Stephens | Private
V G Stevens | Private
H Stevens | Private
T J Stevens | Sapper
G Stevens | Bugler
W T Stevens | Rifleman
H Stevens | Able Seaman
P C Stevens | Lieutenant MM
H R Stevens | Private
H Stevens | Gunner
L Stevenson | Driver
A Stoakes | Private
A B Stoakes | Lance Corporal
W J Stone | Private
T Stone | Private
T G Story | Private
C T Strains | Private
A Strangways-Rogers | Lieutenant
J Stratford | Private
W Strevens | Gunner
H S Strickland | Sub Lieutenant
W G Stride | Private
C E B Stride | Private
G E B Stroud | Able Seaman
A H Stubberfield | Private
F Stubberfield | Gunner
G H Sturdey | Corporal
G W Sturdey | Sapper
W J Sudds | Sergeant
J Suggitt | Private
W Summers | Lance Corporal
C E Surman | Rifleman
J Sutcliffe | Private
J W P Sutton | Private
L V Sutton | Private
J Swain | Private
F A Swain | Private
F S Swain | Private
T Talbot | Private
H S Tapp | Able Seaman
H E Tapp | Able Seaman
E V Tassell | Private
A Taylor | Private
H T Taylor | Private
H H Taylor | Private
J Teale | Private
R R Tedham | Private
E Temple | Lieutenant
W G Tester | Sergeant
F C Teucher | Sick Berth Attendant
H T Thomas | 1st Class Stoker
E S Thomas | Private
R W Thomas | Private
E Thomas | Private
J Thomas | Private
J T Thompson | Sergeant
C E A Thornburn | Sapper
N J Thorpe | Lieutenant
H Thurlow | Private
H Thurstun | Sergeant
C H Tichband | Private
J H Tilden | Petty Officer
T A Till | Private
J I Tindall | Private
S B Tingle | Corporal
H Titchener | Lance Corporal
C P R Titjen | Captain
C A Todd | Able Seaman
A B Todman | Able Seaman
F T Todman | Private
R J Tollett | Private
G Tomlin | Private
H Tomlin | Able Seaman
C Toogood | Private
C F Toogood | Private
J P M Tooker | Lance Corporal
J G Torkilson | Captain
V G Torrance | Sergeant
A R Toye | Sergeant
L C Toye | Lance Corporal
J L Tranter | Lance Corporal
H J Tree | Leading Seaman DSM
C C Tribe | Able Seaman
B M Trimming | Sergeant
E B Trowell | Sub Conductor
G Truluck | Driver
E H Tubbs | Driver
P J Tubbs | Able Seaman
J E Tucker | Sergeant
J D Tucker | Rifleman
G Turner | Private
A S Turner | Private
W E Turner | Sapper
A Tutt | Gunner
F C Tyrrell | Private
N E Tyrwhitt | Major
F Upton | Gunner
H Upton | Gunner
F W Usher | Able Seaman
J H Venes | Private
J Veness | Private
T W Veness | Lance Corporal
F Vidler Snr | Private
F Vidler | Private
F Vidler | Private
E A Vinall | Able Seaman
R Vine | Sapper
J Vine-Jenkins | Private
W Vitler | Quartermaster
F A Waddell | Private
T H Waghorn | Private
E H Walker | 1st Class Petty Officer
L K Walker | Private
W R Walker | Private
T Walker | Private
F C Walker | Private
E Walsgrove | Lance Corporal
H Walsgrove | Private
F Walsgrove | Private
W H Ward | Corporal
J Wareham | Private
A F Waters | Corporal
J S Waters | Trooper
F E Watson | Able Seaman
W A Watson | Gunner
A G Waymark | Trooper
A Weatherill | Sapper
A E Weavers | Private
L J Webb | Lance Corporal MM
J K Webb | Private
W Webb | Corporal
J Webbsdale | Private
W Webster | Lance Corporal
S H Webster | Guardsman
P J Weeks | Private
C Weldon | Sergeant
S G W Weller | Private
A E Weller | Private
E L Wells | Lieutenant
T G Wells | Private
R G Wells | Lieutenant
F G Well | Rifleman
W A S Wenban | Private
W H Wenham | Private
W West | Private
H Weston | Private
F A Wettle | Private
G W Whatford | Sapper
J H L Wheatley | Lieutenant
C W Wheeler | 1st Class Boy
C W Whitbourne | Rifleman
W White | Private
H White | Corporal
J F White | Private
G W White | Flight Cadet
D J White | Private
F White | Private
W J White | Private
W H White | Private
P W White | Leading Telegraphist
W A White | Private
W W White | Private
W G White | Stoker
W T Whiteman | Private
G B Whiteman | Sergeant
C Whiting | Ships Corporal
A Whiting | Stoker
H Wickenden | Sergeant
R D’Arcy Whittaker | Captain
F Wickens | Private
W J Wickens | Private
C Wickerson | Leading Seaman
J Wicks | Lance Corporal
C H Wilkins | Private
R W Wilkins | Private
C A Wilkinson | Corporal
H H Willard | Gunner
E E Willard | Private
F G Williams | Gunner
J Williams | Private
D Williams | Private
R Williams | Private
E R Willis | Lieutenant
T Willson | Lance Corporal
W L Wilmshurst | Private
H F Wilson | Lieutenant
H W Wilson | Lance Corporal
E Wilson | Corporal
R A Searlyn-Wilson | Lieutenant
G Winborn | Private
P E Winborn | Private
A P Winchester | Gunner
R Winchester | Private
J Winter | Private
G S Wisby | Private
E R Withers | Lance Corporal
W Wood | Gunner
G Wood | Private
C Wood | Private
D Wood | Sergeant
W R Woods | Private
W Woodall | Bombardier
H S Woodman | Able Seaman
A Wrenn | Private
E K Wrenn | Lance Corporal
C A Wright | Sergeant
J L Wright | Private
U Wyatt | Sapper
E E Wynne | Sapper
H U T Wyon | Guardsman
A Years | Driver
A N Yielding | Private
R A Young | Lieutenant
J V Young | Lance Corporal


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thanks! A C Rensch was my GGG Uncle