Commemoration Certificates

If you would like a certificate of commemoration for an individual recorded on this website, you can request one below.

The individually customised certificate will show the photograph of the individual chosen, their name and any other information recorded on their record. You can also choose to add additional information, or a personal message to the certificate.

Currently there are two types of certificates available, one for those who served in the Army and another for those that fought in the Royal Navy.

The Army certificates will show the Union Flag, the flag of the country they served for or if fighting in the British Army, the Army Flag. For Canadian soldiers, there is a choice of the current Canadian Flag or the flag in use during WW1. Some low resolution example certificates are shown in the gallery at the top of this page.

A certificate for family groups is in development.

Each certificate costs either £5 for a high resolution JPEG, or £10 for an A4 printed copy. When you have ordered the certificate, you will have the opportunity to review a high resolution copy before proceeding with the purchase.

Please order your certificate using the form below: