Battle War Memorial

Battle War MemorialBattle war memorial can be found in the church yard of St Mary the Virgin on Upper Lake. Unveiled in 1920, it lists the names of the 41 men lost during WW1. A memorial plaque also listing the names can also be found in the entrance to Battle Town Hall.

If you have a photograph and information about any man not linked on the list, I would be very happy to add them to the website. Please submit details through the ‘Add a Serviceman’ page.

B G Anderson
A E Beaney
E C Blackman
F E Boxall
N Breeze
F Catton
H E Cockett
H C Congden
W L Curry
B R Eldridge
W H Eldridge
F N Fletcher
J H French
C A Fuller
A Gower
S A Hale
W Highwood
F G Holt
J H Jenner
H M Lambert
W E Marchant
S Markwick
T Marsh
L E McQuillan
C J Newbery
S G Neeves
F S Noakes
P J Oliver
R G Raper
P E Relf
S V Sadler
W A Santer
F Skilton
A M Smith
P E Stapley
A W Stemp
A C Thomas
P J H Turner
W Wait
G V G A Webster
R A F Whistler

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