My interest in creating this website was in part stimulated by my own research into my ancestry. I’ve found that, for my family at least, it is only two generations back where it becomes really difficult to find information about great, great grandparents.

Through research of family tree websites and other archives you can find snippets of information that help to build the tree. These pieces of information often throw up new information about ancestors you never knew about. Images of distant family members are very rarely seen.

Using the experience I gained through family tree research I’ve presented the information on this site in a way that I hope helps others with theirs. Seemingly small details such as a street name, initial or relative can unlock new branches of the¬†ancestry¬†tree. Even better you may see for the first time what a relative of yours actually looked like.

If you have any information about the people listed on this website it would be great to know about them. Please leave details in the comments box. You may help another researching the same tree to find some key information too!