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Roll of HonourHastings and St Leonards Roll of Honour

This website contains a photo gallery of the men and women from Hastings, St Leonards and the Rother area that served during World War One. The images and information about these individuals have been extracted from pdf copies of the Hastings and St Leonards Pictorial Advertiser.

About Me

My name is Kieron Pelling and I was approached to do some photographic work by East Sussex Council for their World War 1 Commemoration website. They shared with me the electronic copies of the Hastings and St Leonards Pictorial Advertiser so that I could find suitable photographs for the ‘Then and Now’ images I have been producing for them. These can be viewed on my other website Compelling Photography.

About this website

The Pictorial Advertiser was a bi weekly publication. I have been provided with copies starting from August 1914 to March 1918. From the September 1914 editions, families of the men who volunteered to serve started sending photographs to the Advertiser. The paper published them, and soon this was a popular way for families to demonstrate how and where their sons, brothers and husbands were serving.

The information provided is brief – a simple name, rank, regiment and detail about who sent the photo in. Some descriptive words are used such as ‘At the Front’ or ‘On Active Service’. As the weeks pass and the war develops, new words are added to some of the descriptions; captured, wounded, missing, killed.

The photographs are often grainy and information scant and yet they are an important record of the people from the Hastings area that did their part in the war.

The copies of the paper are freely available from the East Sussex County Library Service. They have been scanned and you can search the archives, but the search function is limited.

This site enables visitors to search for people by name or any other search word related to their details. The search results will show an image of the individual, and by clicking through to the page, you’ll find further information about their service and, where known, relatives.

I hope that by doing this work you will be able to find out more about a relative and maybe even see what they looked like for the first time.

7 thoughts on “About WW1 Roll of Honour”

  1. I already had copies of the actual newspaper pages showing my 3 great uncles’s grainy photos, but to be able to print off the enlargements for two of them is absolutely fantastic. Many , many thanks for your wonderful effort. I hope to find the third one and will keep looking at your site.

    1. Thanks Jo. There are a lot records to put up on this site, so hopefully your other uncle will be one of them.

  2. I have info on a soldier who came from Hastings his mother was born here .also …he emigrated to Australia so fought with the Australian forces in WW1 ….his mother also emigrated soon after taking 3 children with her….his name is George Redman Featherstone….I can give you more details but I haven’t got a photo….he would have been my second cousin

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