Wenman, Arthur V

Arthur V WenmanArthur V Wenman

Rank: Acting Sergeant

Regiment: 18th Hussars

Sent by: His sister

Sister’s Address: 38 Ashburnham Road, Hastings

Other Info: In France. Additional name and rank information from the Lives of the First World War website.

Published: March 1916

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  1. A.V. wenman was my great great uncle, he went to Dublin, India, etc and he is buried behind another wenman in Hastings war graves section, he was uncle to A.A. wenman who died in 1942 back from Dunkirk, he left at the age of 24 my grandmother Nora wenman and his only child Margret m. Wenman age 2. Both A.V. wenman and A.A. wenman are buried close to A.A. wenman farther, George S. Wenman who is buried almost very close and G.S.wenmans wife Rose wenman. I am the son of Margret wenman…..have some more info on most of the wenman……

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