Reeves, Henry John

Henry John ReevesReeves

Henry John Reeves

Rank: Able Seaman

Regiment: Royal Naval Division

Ship: HMS Laurentic

Mother: Mrs Reeves

Brother: Robert Reeves

Address: 57 Plynlimmon Road, Hastings

Other Info: Henry was aboard HMS Laurentic, an armed merchant cruiser, when she struck two mines on 25th January 1917. Aged 27, he was among 354 passengers and crew that went down with the ship. 121 people were saved. Henry is remembered at Portsmouth Naval Memorial, panel 27.

Henry is not named on Hastings War Memorial.

Published: December 1914 & March 1917

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2 Replies to “Reeves, Henry John”

  1. WOW !!! Henry John Reeves was my gt uncle died on the HMS Laurentic, the other is my lovely Grandad Robert Reeves who lived to an old age, never seen these pictures before can I get copies ?

    1. Hi Tessa. Thanks for the information about your great uncle. Sorry to hear he was on the Laurentic. I’ll email you the image I have shortly. Kind Regards

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