Creasey, Henry James

H J CreaseyH J CreaseyHenry James Creasey

Rank: Signalman

Ship: HMS Empress of India & HMS Reindeer

Parents: Mr & Mrs Creasey

Address: 401 Bexhill Road, St Leonards

Other Info: HMS Empress of India was sunk after being used for target practice in 1913.

Published: November 1914 & March 1916

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  1. Harry James Creasey’s WWI medal somehow ended up in New Zealand where it was auctioned recently. I was unable to find out what the connection was between St Leonards-on-Sea/Hastings UK where the family was until at least the early 1920s and Blenhein/Marlborough in the South Island where it was acquired, probably from a deceased estate.

    1. Hi Darian, thank you for taking the time to provide this information. I’m sure the story about how the medal end up in NZ is an interesting one, perhaps someone will find this page and let us know! Kind Regards, Kieron

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